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Computer Education at the Science Museum of Minnesota: Why Choose Us For Your Computer Training?

Why Choose Us For Your Computer Training?

At the Computer Education Center, we believe in active learning. We make every minute of training relevant to the student. Classes are small. Training is interactive. Instructors bring real-world experience to the classroom and use everyday language, even humor, to help students cut through techno-jargon and get a full hands-on experience. As a result, students learn faster and retain more.

Top Benefits:

One-stop shopping. From Windows to Macintosh, we offer more than 150 courses covering more than 60 subjects. Over 2,000 classes are conveniently scheduled during the year with a broad range of the most popular products.

Company-wide training solutions. Our class offerings range from "Absolutely Terrified" to Microsoft Office, desktop publishing, digital imaging, database management, networking, Web development, and more.

Interactive teaching style. We accelerate your learning with instructor-led, focused, hands-on classes. Our class size provides a low student-to-teacher ratio.

Convenient half-day classes. Our half-day classes are designed to fit your busy schedule. You can attend one half-day class and immediately apply what you have learned back on the job or take two half-day sessions on the same day for more intensive learning.

Education is our only mission. The Science Museum Computer Education Center is the oldest training center in the Twin Cities, using effective learning methods that are time tested. Plus, all proceeds go directly to supporting children's programs, new exhibits, and other educational opportunities.

Science Museum of Minnesota - a name you know and trust. We have a solid reputation for providing quality training. We focus on features that make you more efficient, giving you greater value for your training dollars.

Get training when and where you need it. We offer the largest selection of computer classes, with a variety of dates and times, and provide training in St. Paul or at your location.

Customized training saves time and money. Our group classes, client-site options, and portable lab allow you to select the training that matches your needs. We'll even tailor classes to your needs and schedule.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our class format ensures quick learning and outstanding results. In addition, we offer free refresher classes.

Enjoy the museum atmosphere.You will receive a complimentary Exhibit Pass the day of your class.