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Computer Education at the Science Museum of Minnesota: Class Suggestions for Database Administrator

Class Suggestions for Database Administrator

If you are new to working in a database and want to learn what is involved

Database Design Basics (Seminar)

If you will be primarily entering data into databases already created by others

Excel (Introduction and Intermediate)

Access (Introduction and Queries)

If you will be designing advanced databases to be used by yourself or others for data entry and reporting

Excel (Consider the complete series)

Access (Consider the complete series)

If your primary job involves reporting on and printing out data that has already been entered into a preexisting database

Access (Forms & Reports Parts 1 and 2)

Crystal Reports (Parts 1 - 4)

If you will be working daily in the design and management of a database, whether on an individual machine, a server or online

SQL Language (Parts 1 - 2)

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